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Weekly Workout #1

Jarrod Shoemaker
January 6, 2017

Weekly Workout

Over the upcoming year I will post a weekly workout or a piece of advice to think about while working out.

This time of year is all about motivation and getting back into the swing of things. During the early season I like to focus on the little things, before it really gets into base building season and training gets more hectic. As an athlete our goal should always be to become more efficient; the less energy we use to propel ourselves forward to longer and harder we can go.

The workout for this week are a few bike drills. One of the reasons I chose bike drills are because so many people spend time riding the indoor trainer this time of year and just spinning on the trainer is not an efficient use of time. For these drills think of the pedal stroke as a clock 12,3,6,9. Do them one leg at a time with some easy spinning in between.


  1. Over the tops: push for 15 pedal strokes on the right leg from 9 to 3, then repeat with the left leg.
  2. Scrap the bottoms: pull for 15 pedal strokes on the right leg from 3 to 9, then repeat with the left leg.
  3. One legged: unclip you left foot and pedal 15 pedal strokes with your right leg, trying to keep a very smooth pedal stroke, not choppy. Switch legs and repeat with 15 pedal strokes on the left leg.
  4. Heel down: 30 pedal strokes trying to keep your heels as low as possible. Especially on the trainer people tend to mash their pedals.
  5. Cadence builds: Attempt to get as high a cadence as you can! Do this while trying to not bounce on the seat, this will keep your core engaged and work on creating a smooth pedal stroke.


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