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Weekly Workout #2

Jarrod Shoemaker
January 13, 2017

Before the weekly workout, I am very excited to announce that I will be wearing 361 shoes this year. I am so excited to be working with 361 as they move into the US market. Their shoes are amazing and very well built. I could not be happier and am looking forward to racing 5k through marathons in their shoes this year.




Weekly Workout #2

This week’s workout is a swim drill set. Along the same lines as last week, the goal of this workout is to work on the small details. Building those small details will help you become a more efficient swimmer. When I am swimming I like to get in and get a short swim warmup and then do some drills and pickups before getting into my main set.

It is important to work on your stroke technique all the time. In other workouts I add in a short drill set in between hard pieces of the main set to reactive me mentally.

Swim Warm Up Set

400 easy swimming mix of strokes

200 kick

10x50 25 drill/25 swim

  1. Scull – lying horizontal in the water with a small kick and arms straight in front of you, scull your hands back and forth only going as wide as your shoulders.
  2. Zipper drill – Slowly rotating from side to side, when your hand exits the water at your hip drag your thumb along the side of your body up to your armpit and then finish your stroke. You will be on one side and then the other side to do this drill correctly.
  3. Fist drill – Put your hand into a fist and swim normally. This will cause you to engage your lats and core in order to make the required rotation to move forward.
  4. Finger tip drag – Slowly drag your fingers along the water from hand exit at your hip to entry in front. Do this slowly, this is not a fast drill!
  5. Catch up – Most people do this drill wrong and stop rotating their core in the drill. Do one arm stroke and as soon as your hand hits your other hand in front of your head start another arm stroke with the opposite arm. The key is to continue to rotate your core through each stroke.

6x25 One fast, one easy

Then roll into your main set!

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