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Weekly Workout #5

Jarrod Shoemaker
June 5, 2017

Weekly Workout

This week’s workout is a speed swim workout. What is important in speed swim workouts is to go FAST. The easy parts of the swim can be swum at whatever speed you want as long as you go FAST on the FAST!

When you are swimming fast it is important to think about form, but also important to think about just putting it all out there. I like to think about really engaging my forearms and finishing through the end of my stroke. If you watch really fast sprinters they swim almost with a windmill stroke as they are not even focusing on their recovery, just the underwater part of their stroke.

400 swim

200 kick

6x50 25 drill/25 swim on :10 seconds rest

4x25 descend 1-4 on :30

100 easy



50 MAX effort on 1:30

2x100 :10-15 seconds rest –

4x75 :20 seconds rest alternate 25 fast/25easy/25 fast on 1/3 and 25 easy/25 fast/25 easy on 2/4

50 easy drill or kick to reset


200 easy warm down

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