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Cozumel 2018

Jarrod Shoemaker
December 10, 2017

Cozumel Race Report

One year ago Cozumel was my first Ironman and since then I have done a lot of long course racing. Cozumel 2018 was my 5th Ironman total. Honestly, even though I thought I could handle it, it was a bit too much. My build up to Cozumel went very well, I had a 5th place finish in Coquimbo 70.3 and I was feeling great about the change in work that we had done.

The race itself started off fine, I took off on the swim and was in the lead and stayed in the lead. I wanted to win the swim and so I kept the pace on and when I looked back once I thought only one person was on my feet and that was the case. I came out of the water first, and after the race I found out I swam it in 39:17! A bit of current and wind helped push us, but it was great to just swim hard and feel good.

Once onto the bike I settled into a good rhythm and felt great for the first 2 hours. I was hitting my pacing perfectly and my nutrition perfectly as well. As I made it around the 2nd lap of the island I was feeling good. At right about 3 hours I started to feel a bit off and at almost the exact same time my front aero water bottle holder snapped in half. I spent a little bit trying to figure out what to do with it and it was bad timing as that happened when I was going through the town on the bumpiest roads of the course. I ended up having to rip off my front bottle and toss it at an aid station, but this left me with only one bottle for the rest of the race. I took it a bit easier as I knew I needed the water and as not able to get it.

As I got to the end of the bike I was hurting pretty bad, I got out onto the run hoping to feel better, but I did not. I ran well for a little while and then went into survival finish mode. Alicia and I talked when we passed each other on the run and I ended up running with a friend when I caught him at mile 20. It was a tough long day, I finished 13th, led out the swim, but did not have the back half of the race that I should have had.

After looking back on the season I learned that I really did too much this year. I am excited to take some downtime and let my body absorb the changes for 2018.

First up will be Dubai 70.3 followed by Bariloche 70.3. I am excited to get training again and see how far I can push myself.