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Ember is the world's first non-invasive hemoglobin monitor. What once took a blood test and could only be measured in frequently can now be measured in just 90 seconds using Ember.
I am very excited to be wearing 361 shoes this year. After putting on my first pair of 361 shoes this past fall, I knew that they were exactly what I was looking for. They are well designed and well made and I am excited to help introduce them to the US market. If you have not tried them, do yourself a favor and try 361 shoes!
I am excited to be working with Blue bikes. The new Triad Elite is an amazing bike and I am excited to race my non-draft races on it!
Emfit goes on your mattress and measures various outputs during sleep, including heart rate, breathing rate, heart rate variabilty, CNS variabilty and night time movements. If you want to know what is important for recovery, start with your SLEEP!
Endurance Shield Skincare was created by Jarrod Shoemaker (me) and Alicia Kaye (my wife). After moving to Florida, we began using many different types of sunscreens and realized that nothing actually worked. So instead they created their own!
Shimano produces the best components, wheels and parts. Their Di2 system is the most advanced cycling technology and has revolutionized how athletes race.

Roka makes the best wetsuits, goggles and swimskins on the market. Not to mention pull buoys, paddles and lots more swim toys!
BASE Performance I love the Base Hydro drink mixes, very light in flavor, but perfect in their electrolytes and calorie content for racing. 
ISM, the best bike saddle hands down. Innovative design and great feel. 
unTapped maple, its maple syrup, in a gel. Simple. (and it tastes great!)
Nutrition delivered for Triathlon racing. No guesswork, just open the bags and eat!
Safe Catch Tuna Safe Catch Tuna is the healthiest, best tasting tuna on the market. Every fish is tested for mercury and other chemicals. Then cooked once to lock in the taste and nutrients.
Inside Tracker is the only blood profiling system online that helps you understand how your body actually works. With nutrition suggestions to help optimize your health this is something that everybody should be using.
Our local multisport store in Clermont, FL located at the NTC facility. Thanks Kimberly and Kevin!

I have been using NormaTec recovery boots since 2009 and would trust nothing else to help me with my recovery.

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