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One on One Coaching

Jarrod Shoemaker Coaching

Are you looking for a coach to take your triathlon to the next level? Are you tired of having a plan that does not fit your schedule? Over the past 10 years as I have honed my craft as a professional triathlete I have learned from some of the world's best coaches. I have seen many techniques that work and many that fail and have made mental notes while watching my friends and teammates compete.

Most coaches are too demanding on athlete's time. Training and racing is mixed in with other demands such as marriage, work, kids, travel and life. It is completely understandable to be too tired to work out after a long days work. The goal is to achieve balance.

My coaching and programs are tailored around maximizing the time that you do have and focusing on the quality work that needs to be done to become effecient and thus faster.

My 1 on 1 coaching plans include the following:

  • Training programs created and edited on a daily and weekly basis

  • Access to online training website TrainingPeaks

  • Email, Phone, Skype communication as needed

  • Adjustment to training program as needed

Complete training programs are $350 a month

I also offer consulting services at $100 an hour, whether for training/racing inspiration or ideas, or for race design and set up. After successfully helping create and run the Clermont Draft Legal Challenge I have learned a lot about race course design and how to integrate elite athletes.


Email for more information.

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