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Elite Training Group


Our training group will be focused on providing athletes with the training and tools needed to excel triathlon. We will have both a draft legal daily training environment as well as a non-draft training group.

We will have a home base in Clermont, FL for the winter. 

Elite Training Group

Our goal is to provide athletes with an environment to thrive in triathlon while also learning how to be professionals. We are an East coast based elite training group with perfect Florida training weather throughout the entire winter.

Coach Jarrod Shoemaker:

Jarrod is a 2008 US Olympian, 3x National Champion, 2005 ITU Under 23 World Champion, 2009 ITU Duathlon World Champion and the only US male to have won an ITU World Series race (2009 Hamburg WTS). Jarrod also has raced Olympic distance non-draft, 70.3s and Ironmans.

What's Different:

While most training groups are focused solely on triathlon training, our group will also provide important education on triathlon related topics that will help athletes succeed. Some of the aspects that will be included: bike maintenance, mental training, triathlon business and media training. We want to create an athlete who can be self reliant and self sufficient. These skills build self confidence and will help athletes get to the start line mentally ready to succeed.

Jarrod's Coaching Philosophy:

Every athlete is different and needs to be coached and trained differently. Training groups can raise the level of every athlete involved, but within a group each athlete has to have different goals. Jarrod has worked with several great triathlon coaches and has been involved with many different training environments and has learned lessons through each of these experiences. We believe that not every session has to be hard. Mental recovery and mental days for athletes are just as important as group training.

We will use metrics to assess athletes through their training. However, power, speed and pace are not the only measure of how an athlete is training. Communication and daily training log comments are just as important to understanding how an athlete is feeling and how to adjust their training.

Where We Train:

Our main training base is located in Clermont, FL. In Clermont we have access to great open water swimming, riding, bike paths and trails. There is easy access to pools and we are also close to Orlando airport with a lot of flight options. Finally, Clermont has an affordable cost of living.

Email for more information

Current Athletes:

Will Huffman - 8th Sarasota World Cup

Alicia Kaye - 1st place Bariloche 70.3, 2nd place Waco 70.3, Coquimbo 70.3

Fabian Roman - Central American Games, 11th Bridgetown ITU CC

Ana Jimenez - 9th Bridgetown ITU CC, 10th Santa Domingo ITU CC

Kate Bruck - 70.3 athlete

Alberto Casillas - Lithuanian ITU athlete

Team Goal:

Provide athletes with life skills through triathlon to become better athletes, community members and students.

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