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Swim Workout of the Week

Swim Workout of the Week

This swim workout is a great race prep swim workout. The main set starts with a hard 200 that simulates the get out speed needed to start the swim. A good fast starting 200 will help establish position in your swim wave and a good rhythm. The 100s that follow will also teach you how to settle into race pace/tempo. The 50s ending the Main Set allow you to rest your body and stroke before heading into Round 2.

Warm Up:

400 swim

200 as 50 drill/50 swim (drill as 25 right arm only/25 left arm only)

100 kick


Heart Rate Set:

6 x 50 build each one on :10 seconds rest

(300 – 1000)

Main Set:


200 hard - faster than race pace (take it out strong and keep strong after every turn) on :15 rest

3x100 steady at just about race on :10 seconds rest

2x50 as 25 drill/25 swim on :15 seconds rest

(600 x 2 – 2200)

Bonus Set:

200 pull form focus

6x50 steady on :10 seconds rest

100 build kick


200 Warm Down

(200 – 2400 or 3000)

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