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Harvey Cedars Open Water Swim and Run Clinics August 2-5th

I am excited to announce that I will be putting on open water swim and run clinics next week. I will be hosting 3 clinics over the weekend at Sunset Park in Harvey Cedars, NJ. We will be swimming in the bay for the open water swims and will be utilizing the trails, grass and roads for the run clinic.

Clinic #1 - Thursday August 2nd at 5:45pm - Open Water Swimming - Focusing on drills, form, techniques, buoy turns.

Clinic #2 - Friday August 3rd at 6:30am - Open Water Swimming - Focusing on race swimming, race prep, group swimming, water entries and exits.

Clinic #3 - Sunday August 5th at 7am - Run Clinic - Focusing on drills, form and talking about pacing and nutrition strategies for racing.

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